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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

meowmy haz sadz

meowmy and meh wantz to say how sadz we arr for Gwen Cooper on da loss uv hur mancat, Homer.  himz wuz furry speshul.

From Terri: Gwen will be donating 100% of her proceeds of the sale of her new book, Love Saves the Day, for a limited time.  For details, please visit Homer's Facebook page here:

Sleep softly, dearest Homer.  You were a champion for special needs cats, and I know that although we can't see you anymore, you are still close by, watching over your furmily with a brand new pair of eyes!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Travis had a scare last week....and close to $1,000 later, he's better.

In case I never told you, he has FLUTD....and last week, after a year and a half with NO blockages or problems, he obstructed.

He was cateterized (poor mancat) and after a hellish week, for both him AND for me, he is back home and doing well.

I had to max out my Care Credit card to pay for some of the care....but I still owe a balance to the Vet.  At least they're willing to work with me!

Travis says "ohai" to everyone, and sends pawpats.

Other than that, nothing else is new.  As the scripture says "There is nothing new under the sun".


Friday, July 12, 2013

Hi everyone!

Terri here!  We are all doing always, a special shout out to Jan's Funny Farm for checking in with me!  If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now -- I really stink at updating the blogs.  And I find that hilarious because I have, like 3 blogs!  LOL

Travis is well, as are the rest of the Pride.

What's up in your neck of the world?  I may not comment, but I do follow quite a few blogs here on my RSS feed, and although I don't comment much, I'm with you in spirit!

Back to work!  ttyl!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Life happens

Hi everyone! Travis is fine and sends headbonks to everyone!
My hubby has been sick....he will be fine though, so don't worry!  He's in the hospital, and should be going to rehab soon for physical therapy.
Travis and his sisfurs miss their Fafur, and they are very clingy with me since he's been inpatient.  I'm looking forward to having Dan back home.  I'm exhausted!
I'm looking after myself, so don't worry about me! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hi everyone!  I apologize for the LONG gap in posts.  My life has been crazy busy, and things have been a little nutty. Travis is doing well....his vet put him on Prozac.  I don't recall if I told everyone, but he has FLUTD, and since Siggie died so soon after we brought Kimiko into the clowder, it seems that it was a little too much for my little man to handle.  The prozac helps though.

I will endeavor to let Travis update his blog more often.  It is totally my fault of course!  I don't update my own personal blog much either.

ohai efurrybuddy! mah meowmy vurry bizzy dis pazt yeer an her not let meh updaytid mah blogg.  but iz doiin gud.  meowmy sez ai vury healthy an hur sez ai can tells yew dat ai wayz 19 pownds.  hur sez ai iz long an tall.  MOL

a speshul showt owt to mah furriends at jan's funneh appreciaytez yew!

Monday, March 5, 2012

moar nooz

dis bad nooz. ah lets meowmy type it. Hi everyone. It saddens me to tell you the Travis's older brofur Siggie has left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Wednesday February 15, 2012....I was home sick in the evening (I usually attend Wednesday night church services) and around 6:00 PM, Siggie seemed perfectly fine. He was on the bed snuggling with me (as usual) and jumped down at some point (not unusual). The around 7:30 or so, I heard this very strange cry and Siggie came from around from the other side of the bed and plopped down on the area rug in front of my which point he just lay there and was panting very heavily but it sounded like he was wheezing or something. Very odd sounding....his tongue was out and he was literally panting. I thought maybe he was upset -- maybe Travis was harassing him (sometimes he would do that). I gave it a few seconds but the panting didn't stop. I got up to check on him, and when I touched his hind legs, he cried out again in a very strange way. Then he tried to get up but he couldn't stand on his hind legs....he dragged them behind him instead. I quickly got dressed and rushed him to a local late hour vet -- where I was told that he was in end stage cardiac failure (fluid all over inside -- CHF)and he had thrown a clot which is what paralyzed him. due to his age (he was almost 12 years old) and due to the severity of his cardiac condition, the vet suggested I put him to sleep. As much as I wish I could have done otherwise, I had to agree....but by the time they prepped him for the shot, he had already left me. I'll post one of the last photos I took of him....he was a very special boy, and I will miss him forever. I have his ashes, and the vet took some ink paw prints for me and gave me some fur too. Goodnight, my darling Siggie. Mommy and Daddy will miss you forever. May 2000 - Feb 15, 2012. -- Terri

Kimiko T'Paw

mah sisfur sammi

mah sisfur sammi
meowmy sez hur infecktid wif da cyootniss. hur at da rainbow bridge nao. ah missiz hur.

brofurly luv

brofurly luv
mah big brofur siggie givez meh a bath. him hansum an oringe


dis mah big brofur siggie

little meh

little meh
dis furst day ah hoam wif ma meowmy frum da yukky cayge. ah 12 weekz old heer.

nap tymez

nap tymez
ah soe comftibble


dis mah sisfur guinevere. sammi waz hur littermayte


dis mah sisfur dori. hur reely lyttel