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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

beddur dayz ahead

hai evurrybuddy!  mah meowmy an meh an mah sisfurs an mah brofur wantz to say thank yew fur awl da nice kommints an purrayers an pawpats.  we arr kopeeng purty gud.  meowmy is not soe sad ennymoar; instead hur iz rememburreeng awl da wunnerfull theengs abowt mah sammi-sisfur.  meowmy can has sumz uv hur furz an hur lookin at it sumtymez.

purty soon it be a noo yeer.  meowmy sez dat da noo yeer iz full uv promissiz uv things to kuhm.  hur sez dat hur lykes to rememburr wat da gurrl sez in dat movie "ann of green gables" -- each day iz a chance to start fresh, an dere iz no mistaykes in it.

ah needz mah nap nao.  meowmy sez it tyme to sign off fur nao baclaws hur has to leeve da apartmint fur a whylez.  ah post again soon.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

meowmy postid pickshurs

mah sisfur sammi iz on da payge rite below meh.

meowmy also puttid sum moar at da bottum uv da payge.

thank yew fur da simpatheez.  ah go tayks a nap nao.

pawpats to awl yew hoomin and furry furriends,


mah sisfur iz at the rainbow bridge

mah meowmy vurry sad baclaws hur helped mah sisfur sammi to the rainbow bridge yesterday.  meowmy sed sammi's liver not werkin ennymoar.

mah sisfur has no moar paynz. mah meowmy sad, but hur sed sammi wif mah grammy nao.

meowmy iz werkin frum hoam nao, so it nice dat hur not has to grieve at da offis.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i ecksitid!

mah meowmy tole meh dat da peepulls hur werks fur wants hur to werk at hoam!  meowmy sez dat nao hur not has to leev meh in da apartmint in da moarneeng ennymoar!  i getz hur awl to maselfs!  meowmy gets to urnz da gween paypurrs fur mah fudz wifowt goein owt!

i soe happie!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


ah tole mah meowmy dat hur shood putz moar pickshurrs uv meh on dis blogg payge but hur sed dat when hur kompewtur krashid a kupple uv muhnfs agoe day awl hur pickshurrs gotz lawst.  hur tole meh to tellz yew datz hur tryin tew fyndz sum moar an puttid dems up heer.

meowmy and fafur goin tew vizzitz hur brofur fur thanksgiveeng.  mah unkle Phil livez in north carolina.  ah doan knowz whear dat iz.  hur sed mah ant ellie komin tew givez meh fuds and kleen mah potty whyle dey ar awayz. ah doan lykez it when mah meowmy goez awayz.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

mah meowmy kuttid meh awf

mah meowmy sez i'z uhdicktid to da catnipz.  hur sed ah needz rehab. watz rehab?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bed tymez

hai evurrywon!  itz layte an meowmy sed to mayk it kwik baclaws itz tymes fur bed.

meowmy on vaycayshun nekst week.  ah soe happiez!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ah iz bak!

ohai efurrybuddy!  ah soe sawry ah not rite soonur but stufz bin krayzee heer!  mah meowmy sed hur tole yew dat hur vurry bizzeh sinss ah rote mah lasst blogg poast.

mah fafur wuz vurry sadd a kupple weakz ago baclaws him brofur went to heaven.  ah lyked mah unkle rocky...him da onleh hoomin ah comez owt fruhm undur da bed fur.  but him no vizzit mutch baclaws him dint feelz gud fur a lawng tymez.  mah unkle rocky haz no moar paynz nao.

mah meowmy tole meh dat hur taykz off werk tamawa baclaws hur bestest furriendz mom went to heaven too.  hur furriend vurry sadd...but mah meowmy iz hur bestest furriend soe hur go tamawa to help hur getz throo da fyoonural.

soe ah beein a gud lyttel mayun fur mah meowmy.  ah snugglies wif hur an helpz hur feelz beddur.

iz awl uv yew havinz warm wethur?  itz warm heer nao an meowmy puttid da air cundishinerz on an hur sez dat hur uhlektrik billz gonna be hai nao.  hur sez hur needz moar gween paypurrs to pay dat bill.

happie joon!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Meowmy apologizes

This is Travis's meowmy here -- I must apologize for being so lax in letting Travis update his blog here.  We were going to move, so we were very busy apartment shopping and then packing and me working overtime and blah blah blah -- then the whole thing fell apart and we had to cancel the move 3 weeks ago.  THEN unpacking and cleaning and undoing things we had already arranged.  Then I got really get the idea.

Then last Wednesday, we had a death in the family.  My husband's brother passed away suddenly at the age of 45.  We are all okay -- we know he is in a better place.  But what a mess!  I am really needing this long weekend!

Travis is fine -- just as cute as ever!  He's been really cuddly lately, and I don't really know what's up with that -- not that I'm complaining!  I love it when he gets all snuggly!

Nice day today -- not too hot, and the sun has been peeking out.  Hopefully it will be a nice weekend!  Monday promises to be a great day with my husband's family as we gather to celebrate the holiday!

Have a safe weekend everyone!  Travis should be back blogging soon!

     - Terri

Sunday, February 14, 2010


we hadz lotz a snoe!  mah meowmy letz meh look owt da patee-oh doar an evurryting iz wite!  it byooteefull!
but hur not letz meh play in it....hur sed it vurry deep an ah mite getz lost in da cold snoe.

did enny uv yew getz snoe?  meowmy sed we getz moar snoe tamawa....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

mah meowmy bak ta werk

ohai evurrybuddy!  mah meowmy went bak ta werk on da 4th an nao ah remimburrs hao mutch ah missiz hur when hur not hoam wif meh.  hur sed dat hur foot hurtidz a lyttel but dat hur happie dat hur can has sumfin ta doo.

mah meowmy sed to tell yew happie noo yeer!  it not dat coald heer nao, but hur sed dat mebbe it coaldur tamawa.

Kimiko T'Paw

mah sisfur sammi

mah sisfur sammi
meowmy sez hur infecktid wif da cyootniss. hur at da rainbow bridge nao. ah missiz hur.

brofurly luv

brofurly luv
mah big brofur siggie givez meh a bath. him hansum an oringe


dis mah big brofur siggie

little meh

little meh
dis furst day ah hoam wif ma meowmy frum da yukky cayge. ah 12 weekz old heer.

nap tymez

nap tymez
ah soe comftibble


dis mah sisfur guinevere. sammi waz hur littermayte


dis mah sisfur dori. hur reely lyttel