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Friday, December 2, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


meowmy poastin dis fur hur furriend Brittney. meowmy iz soe silley.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

bad wethurr

meowmy sez eest coasst gettin hurrycayne dis weekend. efurrybuddy stayz sayff!

ah doan lykez thudurrz....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


ohai efurrybuddy! ah feelz much beddur! ah missiz mah kibblez, but meowmy sez it not gud fur meh.

ah sawry ah not rite soonur....meowmy bizzy! ah taykz nappiez an meowmy givez meh wet fudz awl da tymez. hur sez it beddur baclaws den ah wont havez paynz ennymoar when ah peez.

soe farf, soe gudz!

wat happeninz wif yewz? ah glad ah indoorz mah-kitteh baclawz meowmy sez lotz uv fleez this yeer. dere noe fleez in mah howss! yay!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Update on Travis

Hi furry friends and pet parents!

Travis is home and doing a little better.  The only issue I have, is that I don't know what kind of urinary crystals Travis has, because the vet won't send out the urine to be tested.  She said that she wouldn't do any tests or procedures that weren't absolutely necessary for immediate relief, because I can't pay a huge vet bill.  So the prescription food she prescribed may or may not be the right food for him, depending on what kind of crystals he has.

A lot of what I am going through now reminds me of my trials with vets when I was offering forever homes to cats with feline leukemia (FeLV).  All of the research and reading I did, combined with the support of the group at, made me more and more aware that although veterinary advice is essential for optimal pet health, most of the old ideas with regard to FeLV, FIV, FLUTD and other chronic diseases are still in practice.  I am learning MORE about FLUTD from the Yahoo group I joined.  There are a number of things that DO make a difference with FLUTD kitties.  The triggers that cause flare ups vary depending on the individual cat.  Therefore, just as there is no "standard" trigger, there is no standard answer.

In any event -- he's getting better, and due to the vet's insistence to keep costs as low as possible, my remaining balance with the vet is under $200.00.  I had to agree to pay a minimum of $75 per month until the balance is paid off.  Once that is done, I may switch vets....because they quite offended me when I brought the T-Rav to the office.  I don't know that I want them handling my baby any more.

Will continue to keep you all posted as I am able.  As always, feel free to drop me a line any time.  I'm also available if anyone is curious about FeLV.  FeLV is not necessarily a death sentence -- I had a FeLV+ girl who lived to be almost 10 years old.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Here we go again

Hi furry friends and pet parents,

It's Terri, Travis's meowmy.

Travis is in the hospital again with his FLUTD problem.  The crystals were SO bad this time, I had to leave him there, catheterized.

He's doing okay -- but this could get prohibitively expensive.  Being on a tight budget, I had to sign in blood to get the vet to agree to bill me and start treatments.  Bottom line today is that "ordinary" wet food isn't good enough for him, and the Felidae isn't preventing the crystals either.  I have joined a FLUTD list on yahoo groups, hoping for advice and support.  The vet was painfully blunt with me: there are no cut and dry answers with FLUTD.  Some cats can be managed and some can't.  The most extreme treatment would entail perineal urethrostomy (PU).  According to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine website: 
"The surgery involves removing much of the penis and the narrow portion of the urethra, leaving a wider opening for the remaining portion. Side effects of surgery can include bleeding for up to ten days after surgery, narrowing at the surgical site, urinary incontinence, and a greater incidence of other kinds of bladder diseases. For these reasons, perineal urethrostomy is usually considered to be a last resort."
I would never be able to afford that, as the vet said that the surgery for that is at least $2,000.00.  If it came to that, I would have to euthanize him.  Which would kill me.

Current problem: paying off the vet bill.  I was kicking around the idea of starting a fund for the big little guy.  I know it's a lot to ask, but if any of you readers are feeling generous and want to help me with his vet bill, it would be appreciated.  Looks like I have to put all 4 of the cats on prescription diet only, so that I can keep Travis healthy.  One 16 pound bag of UR/STOX urinary diet is $45.00.  I can probably handle that, as I'm already paying $30 a month for the Felidae.  What's another $15.00?

Anyway -- I don't want anyone to feel obligated in any way.  He's my baby and he's my responsibility and I will do what I can to get him better.  If anyone wants to drop me a line privately, send me a note to

The rest of the gang sends headbonks, purrs and pawpats.  Thank you all for loving my Travis as much as I do!  He's such a sweetie...


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ah feelz beddur

ohai efurrybuddy!  thank yew fur awl uv da nice noats! ah feelz much beddur!  ah doan lykez pillz but mah meowmy wuz soe faszt, ah wuz gud boy.  meowmy sez hur kant buhleev ah wayz 16 pounds.  hur sed ah doant look lyke ah wayz dat mutch.  but hur sez ah soe big an hansum wif lotz uv muscles.  hur sez ah getz moar wet fudz.  less dry fudz. ah doant noe hao ah feelz abowt dat baclawz ah luvs mah kibble.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Travis update

Hi everyone!  This is Travis' meowmy -- Travis can't come to the blog right now as he is stoned out of his mind on pain meds.

He does have FLUTD (urine crystals) -- so I have switched his food (as well as the rest of the clowder) and he is on pain meds and antibiotics and other assorted meds to help him dissolve these blasted things.  He's feeling much better today -- and is relaxing on the bed watching me work (and update his blog).

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and soft pawpats and purrs and barks you all have been sending!


Monday, May 23, 2011


meowmy iz takin meh to da Vet!  I don't wanna go!!!!

(I think Travis has urine crystals -- he HATES going outside the apartment!  But he's obviously uncomfortable, so he's taking a trip this afternoon....with us luck!)

Terri (and travis)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

grampy is better

thanks to efurrywon fur da nice noatz abowt mah grampy.  him hoam nao an him gettin better an better mah meowmy sez.  yew are all soe nice to meh an mah meowmy!  we lykez yew furriends a lotz.

meowmy wuz tryin to tayk mah pickshurr but ah moovez mah head when hur try to taykz it.  hee hee

meow, mah furrie furriends!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Itz May!

happie may efurrybuddy!  sawry i not poast layleh.  meowmy sez sawry too.

mah hoomin grampy in da hosspital but meowmy sez him much beddur.  it nice day today. ah keepin meowmy kompinny whyle hur werkin.

it awlmoast a hoal yeer since mah unkle rocky went to hoomin heaven....mah meowmy thinkin abowt himz a lot.  hur sez it seemz lyke yesturdey an hur kant beleeve it awlmoast a yeer.

me an mah big brofur siggie sleepin on da bed protektin our meowmy.  hur watchin dr oz on teevee.  hur sez him reely smart.

how arr awl of yew, mah furry furriends?

Monday, February 28, 2011

meowmy goez gween

hai efurrybuddy!

wat krazy tymez!  meowmy iz gettin used to werkin from hoam, and we arr awl havin happie thawtz abowt mah bridge sisfur sammi.  we missiz hur, but we noes hur in da happie playss.

meowmy sed hur goez gween.  sumfin abowt gween enurgee.  ah doan noe wat dat meenz, but hur sez it a gud thing.

it warm heere today, but it raining.  ah sleepz on da comfy blankit.  mah meowmy laughing at meh baclaws hur sed ah soe kyoot.  hur sez i haz snaggletoofis.  watz a snaggletoofis?

Monday, January 10, 2011

lotsa snoe

ohai efurrybuddy!

we can has lotsa snow heer.  mah meowmy and mah fafur an brofur an sisfurs livez in Noo Jerzee and it coald.  meowmy sez we arr gettin moar snoe tamawa.  we alreddy haz snoe three tymez.  meowmy sez dat baclaws da furst snoe in deesemburr waz so layte in da muhnth dat we gonna getz lotz moar snoez.

enny uv yew getz snoez?  i betz yew doggie typez arr luvvin da snoez.  i doan lykez da snoez an i soe happie i livez insydez onleh.

Kimiko T'Paw

mah sisfur sammi

mah sisfur sammi
meowmy sez hur infecktid wif da cyootniss. hur at da rainbow bridge nao. ah missiz hur.

brofurly luv

brofurly luv
mah big brofur siggie givez meh a bath. him hansum an oringe


dis mah big brofur siggie

little meh

little meh
dis furst day ah hoam wif ma meowmy frum da yukky cayge. ah 12 weekz old heer.

nap tymez

nap tymez
ah soe comftibble


dis mah sisfur guinevere. sammi waz hur littermayte


dis mah sisfur dori. hur reely lyttel