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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ah feelz beddur

ohai efurrybuddy!  thank yew fur awl uv da nice noats! ah feelz much beddur!  ah doan lykez pillz but mah meowmy wuz soe faszt, ah wuz gud boy.  meowmy sez hur kant buhleev ah wayz 16 pounds.  hur sed ah doant look lyke ah wayz dat mutch.  but hur sez ah soe big an hansum wif lotz uv muscles.  hur sez ah getz moar wet fudz.  less dry fudz. ah doant noe hao ah feelz abowt dat baclawz ah luvs mah kibble.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Travis update

Hi everyone!  This is Travis' meowmy -- Travis can't come to the blog right now as he is stoned out of his mind on pain meds.

He does have FLUTD (urine crystals) -- so I have switched his food (as well as the rest of the clowder) and he is on pain meds and antibiotics and other assorted meds to help him dissolve these blasted things.  He's feeling much better today -- and is relaxing on the bed watching me work (and update his blog).

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and soft pawpats and purrs and barks you all have been sending!


Monday, May 23, 2011


meowmy iz takin meh to da Vet!  I don't wanna go!!!!

(I think Travis has urine crystals -- he HATES going outside the apartment!  But he's obviously uncomfortable, so he's taking a trip this afternoon....with us luck!)

Terri (and travis)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

grampy is better

thanks to efurrywon fur da nice noatz abowt mah grampy.  him hoam nao an him gettin better an better mah meowmy sez.  yew are all soe nice to meh an mah meowmy!  we lykez yew furriends a lotz.

meowmy wuz tryin to tayk mah pickshurr but ah moovez mah head when hur try to taykz it.  hee hee

meow, mah furrie furriends!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Itz May!

happie may efurrybuddy!  sawry i not poast layleh.  meowmy sez sawry too.

mah hoomin grampy in da hosspital but meowmy sez him much beddur.  it nice day today. ah keepin meowmy kompinny whyle hur werkin.

it awlmoast a hoal yeer since mah unkle rocky went to hoomin heaven....mah meowmy thinkin abowt himz a lot.  hur sez it seemz lyke yesturdey an hur kant beleeve it awlmoast a yeer.

me an mah big brofur siggie sleepin on da bed protektin our meowmy.  hur watchin dr oz on teevee.  hur sez him reely smart.

how arr awl of yew, mah furry furriends?

Kimiko T'Paw

mah sisfur sammi

mah sisfur sammi
meowmy sez hur infecktid wif da cyootniss. hur at da rainbow bridge nao. ah missiz hur.

brofurly luv

brofurly luv
mah big brofur siggie givez meh a bath. him hansum an oringe


dis mah big brofur siggie

little meh

little meh
dis furst day ah hoam wif ma meowmy frum da yukky cayge. ah 12 weekz old heer.

nap tymez

nap tymez
ah soe comftibble


dis mah sisfur guinevere. sammi waz hur littermayte


dis mah sisfur dori. hur reely lyttel